Cor Leonis Consultancy B.V. launches a new data service for the Global Oil and Gas industry provides a fit-for-purpose, easy-to-use web-application which combines a powerful charting-interface with an extensive downloadable database. The database contains a wealth of relevant attributes on Global Oil and Gas Fields, Licenses, Wells, Facilities and Pipelines and their relationships. Data includes information on full (monthly) production-history and details on joint venture partners and their interest percentages.

Data is sourced from reputable sources, such as official governmental- and industry-bodies and is obtained through proprietary market research. The database is maintained on a monthly basis, to incorporate latest information such as new wells, monthly production-history and changes in shareholdings.

Recent News-headlines suggest active portfolio management in the Global Oil and Gas industry

 ‘PGNiG to buy all assets of INEOS E&P Norge'

‘Neo Energy to acquire Zennor Petroleum'

‘InterOil acquires five exploitation licenses in Argentina from ROCH S.A.’

‘Talos Energy buys Gulf of Mexico assets from Castex’


Oil and Gas Data Services

The robust and comprehensive data from gives you the competitive edge to adequately assess and value these opportunities and to establish their commercial context.




oil and gas fields












production history per field

Oil and Gas Data Services Content (sample)

Flag NL Flag UK Flag NW Flag DK Flag GE Flag PL Flag IT Flag IR
Oil & Gas fields
License areas
Production History
Field partner interests

Up to date

The database is maintained on a monthly basis, to incorporate information such as new wells, latest monthly production-volumes and changes in shareholdings.

Future proof

Per producing field a proprietary algorithm establishes a production-forecast based on a sophisticated decline curve analysis that is applied to the historical monthly production volumes.

Personal Access

The application is made available against an annual license-fee allowing full access to the database and full download-capability of all data. Upon request, once-off datasets can be purchased.

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